BALI available now on all streaming platforms

Just a little over 2 years ago we made the decision to hole up in Bali for 6 weeks to record a our first full length record at the beginning of 2019. Today we finally released that effort, 6 weeks exploring a new culture on the opposite side of the world as a band while recording our first full length album. It would be a lie to say that releasing this isn’t bittersweet. Since we returned home from that unbelievable experience we’ve had incredible moments but we’ve also faced plenty of setbacks, snags and delays along the way. Covid and more important things in the world have wiped out every plan we had. It’s been and continues to be a long road ahead, we don’t know what the future holds for us individually or as a group but we are ecstatic to finally release this unforgettable moment in time for us as a band. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Engineered by @gunstdf and @agusbim

Recorded at @seminyak_pro_studio

Mixed by @willnealy

Mastered by @tinytaudio

Album art by @cloakndagger3

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